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I only write Spooks fan fiction and only about Lucas North. I feel like I can get inside his head in a way I have been unable to contemplate with any of Richard Armitage’s other characters. To read a story simply click on the picture.


All the links here take you to Wattpad. You don’t need an account to read these stories but without one you will be unable to comment over there or vote if you should so wish. These stories are also posted on Archive of Our Own (except A Birthday Surprise) which can be accessed here if you prefer to use that site.




Lucas North is looking forward to a well-earned day off.

A very short story set immediately before Lucas went to Russia for 8 years.
Rated PG-13 but very tame.

Book cover2

A Birthday Surprise

A very very small self-indulgent fantasy written in honour of my 40th birthday! Rated PG-13 but very tame.



Losing Lucas

Lucas escapes from himself for a while – this is a one-shot set at the end of Spooks 8.6. (This badly needs editing as I wrote it quite a while ago – I’ll get round to it eventually.) Rated PG-13 but is quite naughty.



Soothing the Soul

A short story set sometime within Lucas’ first 12 months back on the grid. It’s his birthday and it looks like he’ll be spending the evening alone until he meets someone who helps to soothe his soul with music and dancing. Rated G.



The Christmas Eve Shift

A short AU Lucas North story set before the events of series 9. A lonely and embittered Lucas is called in to work the Christmas Eve shift on the Grid. Rated G but might provoke a few tears – it did with me and I wrote it!



The Special Asset

She risks everything to be with him … a Lucas North one-shot. Rated PG-13 for implied naughtiness.



The Terrors of Loneliness

Hannah is all alone in the world until she gets caught up in something that introduces her to Lucas North, MI5 agent. With her already fragile world turned upside down, she turns to him for support.

A multi-chapter story. This takes place some time after series 8 but ignores the events of series 9. (I am very proud of this but it needs editing as I wrote it some time ago and I can now see the mistakes.) Rated PG-13 for some swearing and occasional fairly tame naughtiness.



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When I decided to write a blog, I made a conscious decision not to blog about Richard Armitage. It’s no secret that I’m a great admirer of his, some might go so far as to say I’m a wee bit obsessed; however, in the ever-expanding Armitage blogosphere I decided that I had nothing meaningful to add. Selfishly I wanted to write about myself and the things that are important to me. I may have mentioned him once or twice along the way but essentially my blog is “Something about Kathryn”.


So … I’m not about to turn this into an Armitage blog but if I’m going to write about what’s important to me then he does have to be up there. He’s not on the same level as my family history, but, given a recent interest I’ve developed in another fine British actor, I find myself questioning why I’m so fascinated with Armitage and some others. Ultimately I’m questioning why they’re so important to me.


So who are these men? Yes, unsurprisingly they’re all men … and actors too. If you follow me on Twitter or Tumblr there will probably be no surprises here – well maybe one:

Richard Armitage – no surprises. Known for The Hobbit, Spooks, Robin Hood, North & South.

David Tennant – an old favourite. Known for Doctor Who, Hamlet, Broadchurch, Casanova.

Benedict Cumberbatch – a growing attraction. Known for Star Trek Into Darkness, Sherlock, The Hobbit, Parade’s End, War Horse.

Tom Hiddleston – a new fascination. Known for Thor, The Avengers, The Hollow Crown, Midnight in Paris, War Horse, Return to Cranford.


Richard Armitage as Lucas North in Spooks. Source.


I was first drawn to Richard Armitage whilst watching Spooks. An avid Spooks fan from the very beginning it was only at the end of series 9 that I realised quite how involved I’d become in the story of Lucas North / John Bateman. To cut a long story short, I think it’s fair to say that it was the Spooks fandom that drew me in but ultimately the Richard Armitage fandom that claimed me. I found myself hopelessly drawn to his other work, but it wasn’t just the characters that I was interested in. I found, as have so many others, that his charm, compassion, humour, talent, and unbridled enthusiasm for his work had me hooked. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that his good looks helped but, if I’m honest, he only became so attractive to me when I knew more about him as a person, or at least what he wants us to know. His use of language in interviews was probably my undoing – I’m such a sucker for a man who uses words and phrases that are missing from my own vocabulary – and he’s a self-confessed geek which is always a winner for me.


David Tennant as Doctor Who. Source.


Now, I’d been interested in David Tennant’s work since I first saw him in Doctor Who. Geek personified! Looks wise, he’s not the type of man I would normally find attractive, but there’s something about a man with a sonic-screwdriver I find hard to resist (Matt Smith is not on my list but he’s a definite contender). Looking at the man behind the Doctor I found that his attractiveness, for me, lay in his wit, charm, talent, eloquence and compassion. I saw him on stage in Much Ado About Nothing and if I wasn’t bowled over before, I definitely was afterwards. Goodness only knows what will happen after I see him in Richard II. Finally, he inspired me to make a promise.


Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock. Source.


Benedict Cumberbatch is a strange one for me. For a long time, I kept seeing his face on Tumblr and was completely unable to understand the attraction that others felt for him. Then Sherlock happened. Geek personified – again – and a huge intellect too which I can’t resist. But then I realised that the man behind the detective had a great intellect too, was naturally witty, charming and wonderfully talented. Because of him, I intend to go and see Star Trek (something I never thought I’d do), and have found that his unusual looks are becoming more attractive to me every day. Then I read things like this and fall a little bit further under his spell.


Tom Hiddleston at the Olivier Awards. Source.


If any of these are going to surprise you then I guess it would be Tom Hiddleston. He’s not someone I’ve ever really mentioned on Twitter and, until a few days ago, I’d never posted any pictures of him on Tumblr either. For some time I was uncomfortable with the crush I was quickly developing because apart from Return to Cranford I hadn’t seen any of his work. For the first time, it was the man not the characters that first drew me in. It was his Unicef blogs from Guinea that got me: long words, beautiful phrasing, wonderful compassion. And I found that was just the tip of the iceberg. He has all those things I’ve admired in others and he has them in spades. I discovered that he doesn’t actually look like Loki in real life, a look that does nothing for me at all, and has an infectious joy that creeps out of the screen and into your heart without you even noticing. I’ve decided to be honest about this new fascination because I think I now understand it better.


All these men show qualities that I hugely admire and find endlessly attractive. Yes they’re good-looking, but they’re all men whose looks did absolutely nothing for me when I first saw them, even Richard Armitage.


My first Armitage experience was actually Robin Hood. I watched all three series when it was first on the television and never once noticed Guy of Gisborne except as a character to be disliked. With both television and films I’m a very shallow viewer and will often miss the nuances of character that others thrive on. I didn’t like the character, and his long hair (each to their own but that wasn’t for me) meant I didn’t notice if he was good-looking.


So why are these men so important to me? I can confidently say these are not simply lustful obsessions. I’m drawn to certain characteristics especially intellect when matched with fun, kindness and decency. I seem to be attracted to men who I see as being intellectually superior to me. I look for the things that were missing in the past when my own intellect was a source of humour and derision. It’s only now that I realise that the behaviour of certain people in my past says more about their own insecurities than it does about mine.


If anyone was to ask me what I look for in a man, I could do a lot worse than point out the characteristics of these men who I so admire. I’m not looking for a man exactly like any of them, they just happen to epitomise the things I find most attractive. They’re important to me because they have qualities to admire, are inspiring in ways I cannot fully fathom, and because they bring me great joy.


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Finally!  At last I’ve finished writing my first foray into Fan Fiction.  Actually this was my first real foray into creative writing of any genre.  I started the story, The Terrors of Loneliness, in March and wrote a total of 20 chapters…averaging two chapters a month.  Not exactly prolific but by my standards it’s fantastic!

Original photo source: richardarmitagenet.com. Edited by me.

The first story I have any memory of trying to write was about a family of hedgehogs.  I don’t remember the title but I can see the first page clearly in my mind.  Very carefully using a pair of compasses I filled each corner of a page of A4 paper with a quarter circle.  I then proceeded to draw pictures of the characters about which I intended to write.  I cannot draw…I never could, but even at the age of 10 or 11 I was something of a perfectionist.  This meant I spent a very long time on my drawings trying to make the best of a bad lot, and spurred on no doubt by the knowledge that if I stopped drawing I would have to write something.  Goodness only knows what my teacher thought of my efforts; I never did write the story…I think I managed a few sentences and then gave up.  You see I hadn’t planned my story.  I’m sure it was explained to me that a story must have a beginning, a middle, and an end, but all I knew was that I wanted to write about a little hedgehog who wore blue dungarees and lived in a hole in the ground with his parents.  I can see now that as a plot that didn’t have a lot going for it!

Realising that drawing was simply not a skill I was ever going to develop, when given the option of writing or drawing for our RE (Religious Education) homework, I always opted for the writing option.  RE classes were known as being an excuse to doss around and do no work.  Homework was always the same; read a particular passage from the Bible and then either, draw a picture, or write about it in your own words.  I believe I was the only child in that class to choose the writing option.  Of course here, a plot was already provided.  You just had to rewrite the passage using different words.  Let’s call it creative copying!  I got good grades for RE…but then so did everyone else!

My creative muscles were flexed a little further when studying for my GCSE‘s.  For those unfamiliar with our education system, these are exams I sat aged 16.  In Integrated Humanities (your guess is as good as mine) we were tasked with creating our own children’s book.  This was in the days before everyone had personal computers and access to desktop publishing so we had to do it all by hand.  I’m sure the book I produced still exists somewhere, possibly in my parents’ house.  It was by no means a masterpiece and as it was aimed at very young children, only had a sentence or two on each page accompanied by a picture.  It was about a group of farmyard animals including Percy the Pig and Suzie the Swan (are swans farmyard animals?) but the rest escape me.  I know there was an accident involving a pond and the story had a moral behind it but it was never going to be a bestseller!  I got around the drawing issue by opting to draw only part of those animals I found particularly difficult to illustrate, so it was full of heads and tails but few complete bodies!  Because the pictures were cartoon-like and because I spent so long doing it, the end result wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t great.

I studied music at school and part of that meant writing original pieces.  I had to produce three for the final assessment; however, as it was a music exam, the examiners were only really interested in the music.  I chose to write songs and therefore needed lyrics.  I managed to write complete lyrics to two songs but then relied on a friend to write lyrics for the third.  I did try…but I found writing a complete song really hard, and it showed…

Hundred pairs of eyes on me
Don’t know where I should be
Don’t know where I belong
Confused I sing this song

Confusion never ends

People staring through mist
What is this future I have risked
Standing on an empty stage
But confusion’s like a cage

And then there was…

I can’t last another day
If this feeling’s gonna stay
I can’t live for nothing
If there’s nothing there
If you would just impart
A few words to my heart
‘Cause even when I see you
You make the silence real

Living without your laughter
Living without your tears
Living without your kindness
Living without your fears
I knew I wasn’t wanted
There was someone else I knew
But I’m hangin’ on and waiting
Hangin’ on for you

The thing I notice about these lyrics is that apart from anything else, they don’t really make sense!  But I can forgive myself for that…I had no life experience to provide inspiration.  When I wrote these I had never even had a boyfriend!  All the best songs are inspired by love and life and I was lacking in both.

As I’ve got older, the lyrics have improved but I’ve never managed to write a complete song since.  I pondered over this little excerpt for years but am still no closer to writing any more…

You’ll always be my sleepless dream
The delusion of my day
For when I fall asleep at night
My dreams just fade to grey

Anyway, I got through school without doing any further creative writing and then went to University.  Doing a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science leaves no room for creativity and while I did continue my attempts at writing songs with the help of my trusty guitar, I never got anywhere.  It has only been in later life that I have had an urge to write properly.  I even started on more than one occasion but failed to get past the first page.  One attempt involved me writing about a real holiday romance but inevitably trying to put it down on paper only proved one thing…there was no romance to write about!

Making friends on Twitter, as mentioned previously, opened up a whole new world to me…and that world was the Richard Armitage fandom.  The first thing I wrote was inspired by someone I met online.  It wasn’t fictional but was about how I felt about that person or rather, their on-line persona.  I only shared it with a couple of friends as, although it was largely humorous, I rather laid myself bare in it.  Their comments actually made me think more seriously about my writing abilities.  I then discovered Richard Armitage fan fiction and wondered if maybe this was my way in.  With fan fiction you have a ready-made character…potentially, even some partially made plot lines.  Seeing what other people could do….some good…some bad…some phenomenal…I decided to give it a go.

I chose to write about Lucas NorthSpooks (or MI5 in the US) was a programme I had avidly watched since the very first series and having fallen for Lucas I was horrified by the events of series 9.  He deserved some real romance I thought.  I was pretty sure I could write about love, but I was unsure about the Spooks side of things.  I worked out how to start the story and knew vaguely how I wanted it to end but I had no idea how I was going to get there.  Having an idea about how to end it was a vast improvement on the hedgehog story but I still had no plot.  Unperturbed I started the story and when I reached a natural end point for the first chapter, I realised I knew what I wanted to write about in the second.  This “flying by the seat of your pants” style of writing might not be recommended but 10 months on it has gotten me to the end of a story of which I am very proud.

I’m under no illusions.  One story does not a writer make.  But, I am spurred on by the positive comments and support I’ve received.  Posting stories on Wattpad is a bit like taking part in a popularity contest but I am encouraged most of all when someone whose writing I admire takes the time to read my story and post comments.

The Richard Armitage fandom is full of talented and creative people and I am privileged to be a part of it.  It is my intention to write more and hopefully sooner or later, I will start with a plot.  One thing I can say with absolute certainty…I will not be writing about hedgehogs!

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Twelve months ago I was just one of a multitude of people sitting on the peripheries of Twitter, following a few celebrities and never really tweeting.  I had a small number of followers (less than 10) and we never really interacted.


I’ve always been a huge fan of the drama series [Spooks] and when series 9 ended with Lucas North a.k.a. John Bateman appearing to jump to his death, I searched Twitter to see what the rest of the country had to say about his fate. Was he really dead?  Had he taken up base jumping?  You know the kind of thing…


What I found was a whole community of people.  Well…more accurately…what I found was Lucas North cleaning his gun…but that’s another story!  Seriously though, I found a small group of people united in their love of a certain Mr Armitage.  So, I ventured a few tweets in their direction and found, to my surprise, that they tweeted back and before I knew it I was involved in conversations and role plays, and was laughing until my sides hurt.  Of course I found that we had far more in common than an obsession with an actor and it was so refreshing to find people that didn’t think I was weird for loving history and genealogy.


To say Twitter changed my life might seem like an exaggeration or make me sound like someone with no social skills spending her life glued to a computer…but I’m serious.  A few years ago I went through a traumatic break up and it’s fair to say that since then I have struggled making friends outside of work and just generally moving on.  On New Year’s Eve last year I had to work…I never find that time of year especially easy and I was feeling particularly low.  A friend at work was very kind to me and although that helped, I was teary when I left, depressed at the thought of an evening alone when everyone else was having fun.  I posted something to that effect on Twitter and was rather surprised at the reaction.  “Let’s have a Twitter party!” was the suggestion.


Well…I had the best New Year’s Eve I’d had for many many years.  I spent it sat at my computer, drinking rum and coke, and chatting to lots of other people on Twitter who were in similar situations.  We shared music and laughs and although I was physically alone, I have never felt less so.  I vowed to spend less time wallowing in self-pity and more time living…call it my New Year’s resolution.


And live I certainly have…


Apart from making a concerted effort to go to the theatre and concerts, the highlight of the last 12 months has been me being brave enough to meet in person nine of the lovely people I’ve been chatting to on Twitter.


I’ve been to pub gigs, had a day out in York, had a picnic in Regent’s Park followed by a trip to London Zoo, spent a very wet day wandering round London trying not to get lost and, I was even brave enough to go and stay in a hotel managed by one of my new friends and spent 2 lovely days enjoying Devon with her.  Most importantly I’ve made friendships that I hope will last a lifetime and met people I really care about.


I’ve done more this year than I’ve done in the whole of the last 10 years and I’m not sure I would ever have done so much if it wasn’t for the unstinting and unconditional friendship I found online.  I can’t tell you how much it’s meant to me and how much it really and truly has changed my life.  I’ve found inspiration where I thought there was none, and no longer feel alone in life.


So to all of you…and you know who you are…thank you…from the very bottom of my heart.


I love you  xxxxxxxxx


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