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Following on from my last post, and not in any way procrastinating to avoid focusing on more important things (I’m lying obviously), I decided to have a go at recording a couple of songs this morning. I don’t have the means to do this properly so I have resorted to playing the music on the computer and holding my phone halfway between my mouth and the speakers. Not very technical I know! The result is the two tracks below.


First, a song I love that was recorded by Kiri Te Kanawa on her album Blue Skies:



This second song has the potential to cause me great embarrassment should anybody reading this actually speak Gaelic and I apologise in advance if I’ve inadvertently sworn or worse! It’s a song I learnt at school in the choir. I don’t know what it’s about, have no idea if my memory of the pronunciation is correct, and, I’m not sure I’ve spelt the title correctly, but I’ll bravely put it out there anyway and hope it doesn’t offend anyone:


If you’re feeling particularly daring there are more tracks on my Soundcloud page which you can access here.


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