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I have started trying to write original fiction. This is something that I struggle with and so far I have only published two completed short stories. There is another story on my Wattpad page but I only posted two chapters and then decided not to continue with it so I’m not linking it here. Who knows, one day I might change my mind. To read a story simply click on the picture.   All the links here take you to Wattpad. You don’t need an account to read these stories but without one you will be unable to comment over there or vote if you should so wish. These stories are also posted on Archive of Our Own which can be accessed here if you prefer to use that site.  


The Photographer’s Lover

He photographs beautiful women … it’s his job. Why doesn’t he photograph her? Rated G.


The Photographer’s Wife

A sequel to The Photographer’s Lover.

Now married with a baby on the way, he still photographs her. Can he make her see herself as he does? Rated G.

The Warmth of Strangers

Two strangers are thrown together under rather chilly circumstances and find unexpected warmth. I may expand this but am promising nothing. Rated G.



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